French Blue

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The perfect shade of pale blue.

Please note:

  • The sample spool contains 1 yard of ribbon.
  • Each full-sized spool contains a single 3 yard length of ribbon.
  • The silk twine spool contains 4 lengths of 3 yards, for a total of 12 yards.

3 Yards is equal to 108 inches or 274.32 cm. If you are unsure of how much to order for your stationery suite, please refer to our journal post, How much ribbon should I order? or send an email to and we'd be happy to help.

Our ribbons are dyed in small batches from a unique blend of pigments to create subtle and complex shades. They're then hand torn, frayed and spooled for an organic, soft feel.

We endeavour to do our absolute best to display images that represent the colour as true as possible. However due to the variation between screens and devices, the ribbon colour may appear different on your screen vs in person. If you'd like to see a sample from the latest batch before purchase, we'd recommend picking up a sample spool or our swatch set before purchase.

Bulk orders (2+) of the same shade and size may be consolidated onto a smaller number of spools to reduce waste. If you need each 3 yard length to be on it’s own spool, please indicate in the order notes section.

Guide to ordering for wedding stationery:

Each spool contains a 3-yard length of ribbon, which is equivalent to 108 inches or 274 cm. The Silk Twine spools contain a total of 12 yards, consisting of four three-yard strands of silk.

We recommend taking a piece of string and wrapping it around your invitation in the style you prefer, so you can accurately determine how much ribbon you'll need. Here's a basic guide to help you calculate the amount to order for your wedding stationery suite:

Step 1: Take your string and wrap it around your card. For example, a 5x7 card will require approximately 23 inches when finished with a small bow.
Step 2: Divide 108 (the length in inches on each spool) by 23 (the amount needed to wrap one invitation). The result is 4.69 (round down).
Step 3: Divide the total number of invitations you need to wrap (e.g., 100) by the number each spool can wrap (4). 100 divided by 4 equals 25.

To complete your project, you'll need to order 25 spools. If you have a fraction of a spool (e.g., 6.25), round up to ensure you have enough.

When ordering Silk Twine, you'll follow the same steps. However, when you determine the amount each 3-yard strand can wrap (4, as in the example above), multiply that number by 4. Therefore, one Silk Twine spool will be able to wrap 16 invitations. 100 divided by 16 equals 6.25 (round up).

To complete your project with Silk Twine, you'll need to order 7 spools.

Due to the handmade nature of our ribbons please allow for up to 10 business days for production. If you require the ribbons by a certain date, please indicate in the order notes. For rush orders please email

Size 0.25" / 3 Yards

Customer Reviews

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A fan favourite!

This French blue is the most perfect shade! A lot of my clients love including this soft blue to their wedding invitations and stationery. I think it’s a more versatile and neutral shade, so I always keep a few spools of this on-hand as it’s my go-to blue for stationery like vowbooks, place cards, escort cards, etc.

Cute subtle shade

I ordered this for my wedding bouquet (with the shade peony) in 1,75 inches and it's the perfect width. In some light it looks almost Grey ish/silver and I was hesitant to take Robin egg blue to match my SJP heels. I do think that Robin egg would have been a better match, more true blue, but this shade is perfect to not overshadow your bouquet a keep the color scheme soft, which I decided was more important. I do wish we could select something else than express shipping for cheaper because I ordered with more than enough time to reorder more shades but the shipping cost are too high to justify it.


Quality is always amazing and they have the most beautiful colors. 10/10 forever!

Customer Reviews

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