How much ribbon should I order?

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 One of the questions we get asked most often is "How much ribbon should I order".  This is a great question!  Each spool contains a 3 yard length of ribbon, which is 108 inches or 274 cm

Because there are several variables (size of invitation, type of finish, number of wraps, etc) that will affect how much is needed per invitation, we recommend taking a piece of string and wrapping it around your invitation in the style that you like so that you can get a true sense of how much you will need. 

For example if you have a 5x7 invitation and want to do a single wrap around the narrowest (5") part of the card:

With a bow finish (left), each card will need 23"
With a knot finish (right), each card will need 15"
Invitation Finishes


Once you know the amount each card requires, you can calculate out the finale amount you need to order.

108 ÷ 23 = 4.69
108 ÷ 15 = 7.2
With a bow finish, 4 invitations per spool with about 16 inches left over.
With a knot finish, 7 invitations per spool with about 3 inches left over. 


For example, if you need 100 invitations wrapped:

100 ÷ 4 = 25 spools
100 ÷ 7 = 14 spools
We hope this information helps!  Of course, if you have any other questions that we can help with please feel free to get in touch.  Drop us a line


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Spooled Ribbon Sizes

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Our original silk and chiffon silk ribbon is finished by hand spooling the ribbon onto a beautiful wooden spool.  This helps to protect the ribbon from wrinkles so that it will be ready to use as soon as it arrives at your door.  See below for examples of how the different sizes are presented.


Anna & Kasia

silk ribbon spooled

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most popular silk ribbon shades of 2020

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While we get close to closing the book on 2020 (to me, this year has felt equally like a thousand years... or quite possibly about two weeks in length) we though it would nice to review some of our most popular silk ribbon colours.

  • Champagne
  • Taupe
  • Rose Dust
  • Peony
  • Wisp
  • French Blue

Excited to see what 2021 brings!



 most popular silk ribbon shades 2020

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