One of our main goals for this year is to look at our impact on the environment and make changes where we can.  Our first step will be the implementation of spool return program.

If you are a trade client of ours you have probably built up quite the collection of our lovely wooden spools over the years and we would love to invite you to send those back to us so that they can be reused in our production.

Minimum of 30+ spools.  Can be a mixture of any size expect for the sample spool, which the minimum for return is 100.  Please check our Spooled Ribbon Size journal post for a photo reference of different spool types.

Please fill out the form below with details on your return shipment: 

  • Number of spools
  • Length, width and depth of the box that you'll be using
  • Total Weight
  • Address that you'll be shipping from.

We'll be in touch shortly with a prepaid return shipping label.  Thank you for participating and helping us to reduce waste on our planet!

*Currently available for Canadian clients only.  Please get in touch if you are a US/International customer.